Food For Thought Cuisine was created as a way to improve an employee’s overall well being through a tasty, fresh, convenient and affordable menu. Owner Jason Brennan came across this concept while working the typical 9 to 5 corporate position himself. One thing became abundantly clear; there was too little time to worry about what you were eating, how much you were paying for it and what the effects were from consistently eating fast unhealthy food. “Fast food” restaurants may be convenient and affordable BUT the long term affects have proven to decrease energy, production and overall health. Work is stressful enough, who has time to worry about what they’re eating? That’s what Food For Thought Cuisine does for you!

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Two services were created from
this initial concept

First, is a mealplan service that is designed to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and weight management levels through a portion controlled eating regimen.

Second, a catering service was formed for office settings that range from 10-100 employees. This service is used for any type of employee/company related meeting. Past examples include anything from a lunch and learn to an employee’s appreciation day.